120th Anniversary Challenge


Alert, Early Enrollment has been extend until 3/18/17

We just began our 120th year! 

“I would like to see you school here a long time, I will match up to $120,000 to help Saint Paul’s Catholic School in your 120 Challenge!” Mr. Pomerleau tells Principal Beloin in a phone conversation on September 12, 2016.


To celebrate we have been challenged to raise $120 from 120 donors.  When this was first announced, a donor matched the goal with $14,000!  Then just last week, Mr. Tony Pomerleau offered to match dollar for dollar up to $120,000!  So your  donations this year through December 2017 will be doubled!  A great thanks for supporting us and trusting us to educate within the faith for many more years to come!  May God bless you!