Registrations for soccer:

7/8th Grades  We’re working on a merged team with Glover.   We anticipate costs shared for a new tee shirt uniform, refs for home games, and a  salary of the coach, Steve Trombly.  Practices and Home games will be at Glover Elem School. It is our hope that students will be able to ride the bus to Glover School for the 3:30 practices.   Registrations for this merged team is available:

soccer sign ups 2017-2018           Glover Soccer Permission Slip

Grades 3-6:  Jr Fall Soccer Thursday Aug 31 from 5:30-7:00PM, at Orleans Elementary School $25.  Games are on Sat at Orleans Graded School.  Saint Paul’s will not have a team, you must sign up based on town of residence.  Open to the first 120 students to sign up.   Ken Wells 673-7151.

Ages 4-9:  This Friday, August 25th there will be the Tiny Tikes Soccer Registration for children ages 4 to 9 years old from 5 to 6 o’clock pm at the main entrance of the Barton Fair Grounds. This program is hosted by Frank Daigneault and the cost will be $25.


Let’srReview the Sports Policy from our handbook:

SPORTS It is expected and understood that if St. Paul’s offers the participation in a particular sport, whether it be single gendered or co-ed, that a student enrolled at St. Paul’s will play for St. Paul’s and not another school in the students town, village or city. Any student that receives a failing grade (F) in any subject area will be ineligible for athletic participation for a four week period at which time their eligibility will be based upon the next trimester average. Any student receiving a D may return to play immediately after bringing their average to a C level.   Any student who is failing (below 60% on their cumulative semester average) any subject area will, after the fourth week of any new semester, be ineligible until there is teacher notification given to the principal that the student has raised their average above 65%. Also, if you are absent from school during a semester for a total of 12 or more school days, you will lose your eligibility until you attend school for a total of 25 school days following your 12th day of absence.









playingsoccer picboys burke 3 burke 4boys group IMG_4358 IMG_4370Physical Education: All students at St. Paul’s School enjoy physical education instruction once or twice a week. This includes students in pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade. As in other curriculum areas, the physical education program at St. Paul’s is developmental. Students build new skills each year. Lifetime physical education is the focus of the program. The instructor’s goal is to assist students in finding fun and exciting ways to exercise for a lifetime of good health. Fun, safety and good sportsmanship are key components of the physical education program.  St. Paul’s School physical education program also includes six Friday’s of winter activities from January through March which offer the choice of downhill skiing or snowboarding at Burke Mountain or other activities including skating, swimming, sliding or bowling.

Interscholastic Sports: St. Paul’s School fields boys, girls, or sometimes co-ed teams in three sports: Soccer, Basketball and track. Students in grades 5-8 are eligible to participate in these activities provided that they maintain good grades and meet standards for appropriate behavior in all their classes.  Many students participate in town or regional sports programs as well, and the school does communicate with families about these opportunities. Health, safety and good sportsmanship are emphasized in all competitive sports programs.

Soccer Team