Spirituality and Prayer

As a Catholic school, we strive to prepare our students to enter the world as Catholics, with morals, and a respect for the individual person. The following are some of the ways in which we hope to do so.


Weekly Mass

The Eucharist is the “Source and Summit” of our Catholic Faith. Once a week, we gather to attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as a community. In addition for special feast days and other events, Father will occasionally celebrate Mass for individual classes.


Virtue of the Month

Over the course of the year we will be working as a community to grow in different virtues. During each month, we will focus on one virtue. First defining it and brainstorming what it looks like, and what it is not. At the same time we will be putting it into practice in our daily lives in order to develop these good moral habits. Please join us.


September- Excellence: Doing everything to the best of your ability.

October- Piety: Giving God our complete attention in all things.

November- Charity: Loving God with all your heart, mind, and strength, and your neighbor as yourself.

December- Reverence: Having a deep respect for all things of God.

January- Generosity: Giving without counting the cost.

February- Responsibility:

March- Contrition:

April- Gratitude:

May- Perseverance:


Teacher formation

Fr. Naples leads the faculty and staff in a Catechesis lesson once a month. In addition a portion of each staff meeting will consist of emphasizing our community and vocation as Catholic Educators.


First Friday Devotions

What better way to honor the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus than to spend time and pray with Him. Each First Friday we will be remaining after the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to adore Our Lord in Eucharistic Adoration. Throughout the year, each class will rotate taking turns to remain with Him in prayer. Father will also be available for Confession.