5th & 6th Grade

St. Paul's Christmas Play - Wise men presenting gifts to the Holy Family

St. Paul’s Christmas Play – Wise men presenting gifts to the Holy Family


5th and 6th graders celebrate All Saints’ Day with costumes, a parade and oral reports to the whole school.

Students honor veterans by singing The Battle Hymn of the Republic

Students honor veterans by singing The Battle Hymn of the Republic


On pilgrimage to St. Joseph's in Montreal

On pilgrimage to St. Joseph’s in Montreal

On our pilgrimage to St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal.

Emma enjoyed learning about St. Joseph and St. Andre Bessette.  Isabella liked the gift shop.  Lauren enjoyed shopping and being on pilgrimage with the whole group.

Middle School   Schedule   2016-2017

Revised 10/12/16

5/6 7/8
8:00 MM -Mrs. Beloin MM –Mr T


Religion- Mrs. Raybold

Humanities – Mrs. Schaffer

(Specials 10:45-11:45 when scheduled)

Science 7/8- Mr T



9:30 LA Studies -Guilmette
10:50 Study hall-Raybold Religion- Ledoux
11:50 Lunch (20 min) Lunch (20 min)
12:10 Recess (20 min) Recess (20 min)
12:30 Math 5/6 –  Mrs. Beloin Science 7/8- Mr T

Math 7/8 – Ledoux

1:30 Science 5/6 – Mr T Life Skills/Specials/Study- Ledoux
5th & 6th Science/Technology
Cycle 2 Text: Science Explorer
Weekly Agenda

Week 06/05 – 06/09




Jun 05

Teach and Apply and QQ Pages TE 15-16
Watch Cloud Video
Complete Lesson 2 Review
Check for the Largest Hailstone, where and when.
Complete Lesson 2 Assessment
Quizlet build set

Read Lesson 3, C18-C21

Jun 06

Review reading C19-21
Teach and Apply and QQ Pages TE 18-21,Prior Knowledge
Math in science TE21
Group Read C22-C25
Finish Reading and complete Lesson 3 Review C25

Jun 07

No class

Jun 08

Teach and Apply and QQ Pages TE 22-25
Complete Lesson 3 Assessment
Prior Knowledge TE26
Inquiry TE C28

Jun 09

Group read C28-31
Teach and Apply and QQ Pages TE 28-31

Math: Principal Beloin

We will meet as a group to discuss the topics and assign activities.  We will then break down into at level group.  Curiosity, willingness to work, discover,  ask questions and homework is expected every each day.  We will write about our mathematical thinking, share our thoughts with each other and become critical thinkers.     Reviewing your fast facts using Xtramath, Khan Academy or Moby Max is a great summer activity!    See you August 29!
5/62016-2017 Supply list
Pencil box containing:
  • 12  pencils,
  • eraser,
  • scissors,
  • white school glue,
  • glue stick,
  • crayons or colored pencils,
  • 8 pk washable markers,
  • 3 highlighters,
  • Hand crank pencil sharpener,
  • 12 pens (2 red) ,
  • basic calculator,
  • flashdrive,
  • fine tipped dry ease marker,
  • whiteout
  • 6 Spiral notebooks,
  • 6 pocket  folders
  • 5 packages college ruled loose leaf paper
  • 1 package cm graph paper,
  • 1 ream of copy paper ( white or colored),
  • 6 pack of standard sticky notes,
  • Box of tissue,
  • Black fine tipped Sharpie,
  • Binder and dividers,
  • 1 pkg. of assorted colored construction paper .
  •  Indoor shoes
  • 3 Standard Composition notebook, one for each semester. Needed for  science daily journal writing
    • 9-3/4″ x 7-1/2″
    • 100 sheets per book
    • Wide ruled