Pre K


Happy All Saints Day!


The Pre-Kindergarten program at St. Paul’s provides for the developmental and educational needs of students in an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance. Students become enthusiastic learners while developing the necessary skills to succeed in Kindergarten. The primary goal of the Pre-Kindergarten program is to instill in students a love of learning. Students exit the program prepared for the challenges of a rigorous Kindergarten program.

Science: Students learn science concepts through hands-on experimentation, text study and discussion. Major units include Forest Animals (Adaptation, Hibernation and Migration), Trees and Seasons, Seeds and Fruits, Liquids and Solids, The Human Body (Health, Safety and Nutrition), The Five Senses, Our Pets, Our Solar System, Zoo Animals (Description and Categorization), Insects, Life Cycles (Frogs, Butterflies and Flowers)

Social Studies and Social Development: Children learn to be good students and capable citizens in units that introduce them to the world in which they live. Major units include Rules and Manners, Agriculture, Money, Holidays and Traditions, The Calendar, Types of Families, Spatial Relationships, Personal Information, Maps, Transportation, Laws and Leaders, Dinosaurs, Our Community, Camping, Bodies of Water.

Language Arts: The Pre-Kindergarten reading and writing curriculum is based on the Vermont Early Learning Standards and on skills identified in the Vermont Literary Grade Expectations for Kindergarten. Students learn how books work (title, cover, pages, author and illustrator). They learn to read and write left to right and top to bottom. They learn the one to one correspondence between the written word and the spoken word. Students learn to read their own names, their classmates’ names and the names of family members. Poetry is a major unit of study, and rhyming is a significant topic within that unit. Students reenact stories through play (recall, retell and sequencing). Comprehension is the focus of literature study, and students learn comprehension strategies (predicting, concluding, inferencing, questioning, using context clues and making connections). Students work with a variety of text and produce many books throughout the year. Book study culminates in the Alphabet Book. Most students exit the Pre-Kindergarten program knowing the upper and lower case letters. Students learn vowel sounds, consonant sounds and beginning sounds. They practice writing their letters and learn the components of sentences (capital letters and end punctuation). Students develop listening skills and public speaking skills through weekly Show and Tell.


Welcome to St. Paul’s Catholic School!!

Pre-Kindergarten will have an Acquaintance Day on Wednesday Aug 30, 2017 from 9am-11am.  We will have a small activity, story & snack.  If you would like to drop things off in your child’s cubby you may.  Then we will officially start on Tuesday September 5, 2017.  Arrival time is 8:00. Pre-K Parents are to park in the back of the school next to the playground.  Parents must bring their child into the classroom.  If your child needs to be dropped off earlier, they may be dropped off with the outdoor teacher on duty between 7:40-8:00.  I will not be in the classroom until 8:00.  Pick-up time is 2:40.  Parents again are asked to come into the school to pick-up their child.  If your child has an older sibling in the school, your older child may pick-up your Pre-K child from the classroom and bring them to parent pick-up line. We also offer the afterschool program 2:40 pm – 5:00 pm.

The students will have a snack everyday at 9:30.  Please send your child with a healthy snack, try to avoid dessert type snacks and candy is not allowed.  Please send a lunch and a drink until our lunch program begins.  The school offers lunch three days a week and milk everyday.

The children will be offered a quiet/nap time everyday at 1:00.  Each child will have a cot, a pillow and a blanket.  The lights will be turned off and quiet music will be playing.  The classroom is not interrupted between 1:00-2:00.  The children will be asked to be quiet during this time for those children who require a nap.

We will try to have outdoor recess everyday, weather permitting.  Please dress your child accordingly.  Please label your child’s outdoor clothing.

Please call the school secretary, Mrs. LaBerge if your child is going to be absent.  If there is a change of pick-up time or person, please send a note in advance if possible.  The end of the day is very busy and knowing where your child is going in advance is very helpful.

The school year is divided into three trimesters.  After the first and second trimester a report card will be given to you at parent/teacher conferences.  You will receive the last one on the last day of school.  Folders go home on Thursdays with what we did during the week. Please sit down with your child and allow them to show you and explain what they created or worked on.  They will e excited to talk about it.  At this age it is very important to reinforce lessons at home in order for the children to retain the information.

***IMPORTANT please tell your child that all toys are to be left at home.  I have plenty of enrichment activities and learning toys that I rotate in the classroom at the beginning of each unit.  Play is an important part of learning at this age and I have chosen the toys and activities very carefully.  It is important for children to expand their play with other children and with other materials.  Thank you for your help with this.

The following is a list of items that your child needs for the first day of school.

Water Bottle  Please send in a container for water and write your child’s name on it with permanent marker.  I will send it home daily to have it washed.

Blanket – A child size blanket is needed for nap time and will be sent home at the end of each week to be washed. (Pillows are supplied)

Backpack A backpack is needed big enough to hold a weekly folder, ski pants, mittens, etc.

Lunch Box – A lunch box or bag is needed to hold snacks and/or lunch, include a cold pack for drinks if necessary.

Two pair of shoes – Two pairs of full support shoes (no flip flops) that your child can run and play in.  One pair is needed for outside and the other for inside.  The Teacher’s favorite shoes are anything that has Velcro.

Extra clothing – Please provide the school with an extra set of clothing including underwear and socks.  These will be kept in your child’s cubby in a plastic bag.

Folder – Please bring your child’s choice of folder to transport any papers or projects they did at school.

Throughout the school year the classroom is in need of a few items.  If you are able to help us out with a few things it would be greatly appreciated. Items needed: tissues, flush-able wipes, surface cleaning wipes and Germ X.

I’ve had a relaxing summer spending time with my family & friends.  I’ve started getting the classroom put back together ready for our first day of school.  I am really looking forward to the upcoming school year! I am open to any questions or comments now and throughout the year.

God Bless,

Mrs. Perron