St. Paul’s School strives to keep the cost of education down and charges one of the lowest tuition of any Catholic school in New England.  This tuition only covers a portion of the true cost to educate each student.  Therefore we rely on a great amount of community effort to help offset the cost by fundraising.  There is a family obligation to be involved.  Each family is expected to participate in or secure a volunteer on their behalf for 6 fundraisers.  If that is not possible, then there is an option to pay the alternate fee.

School Fundraising Commitment to be implemented with registration agreement

Fundraiser Obligations Alternate fee
Sell 2 annual dinner tickets, or obtain 1 teacher appreciation $100 for teacher ticket
Fulfill 4 Parking slots at Fair parking $100
Fulfill 3 slots at the Fish Fries $100
Volunteer 1 shift for golf tournament, bake, set up, tear down $50
Obtain 1 annual participant in 100 club monthly ticket raffle $100
One additional fundraiser – sell $100 worth of product $50

Financial assistance is available.

Automatic Scholarships

$10/hour** per service hour donated **See below. Exclusive of most fundraiser obligations $500max/family
Chair an established SPPA fundraiser $200/event
Donate a gift or service for Golf Tournament, Annual Dinner or Lotto Calendar valued at $50+ $25/gift
Parish Service, Leadership, and Participation Value set and approved by pastor

**Volunteer opportunity: (increased value has 50 Hours Max)

Recorded in Ren Web. Ideas may include but not be limited to:

                                           Chaperone a school field trip                                        

                                           School work days, special building and cleaning projects

                                           Room parent on special events

                                           Improving the facility ( ie painting and washing walls)


2018 – 2019 registrations can be done by electronically logging into: “”“.

Our School ID is SP-VT.

K-8 active member of a Catholic Parish:     $3350.00

K-8 all others:     $3950.00

K-8 book fee:     $200.00

Pre-K-8 registration fee (1 per family):     $75.00

Pre-Kindergarten 4 days per week (M-Th):     $4100.00

Pre-Kindergarten 5 days per week (M-F):      $5000.00

*The St. Paul’s Pre-Kindergarten program is licensed through the State of VT and is eligible for subsidized tuition if you meet the income eligibility guidelines as set by the State. This PreK tuition includes a nonrefundable  $200 consumables fee.

Please call the school for more information: (802) 525-6578

ALL  families must be set up in FACTS: