Uniforms for the ’18 – ’19 school year


Uniforms create a sense of belonging and unity.  Although also a sign of conformity, it levels the playing field between distractions that could be created by certain clothing.

St. Paul’s Catholic School students wear uniforms that can be purchased online at Frenchtoast.com.

(Our school Source Code for French Toast is QS48B8.)

Boys: The boys’ uniform includes pleated double-knee pants or pleated shorts in navy blue, a short or long sleeve white, red or royal blue polo shirt that will have the St. Paul’s logo patch ironed or sewn on, and a navy blue vest or cardigan.

Girls: The girls’ uniform includes a navy blue skirt, pleated shorts, scooter or jumper, a short or long sleeve white, red or royal blue polo shirt that will have the St. Paul’s logo patch ironed or sewn on, white, navy blue or red knee-high socks or tights, or white or navy crew socks and a navy blue sweater vest or cardigan. Girls may wear navy blue pleated slacks.

SPPA sells sweatshirts every year.  Only the Navy blue sweat shirts will be allowed as uniform.  Hoodies also qualify, although the hoods will not be allowed in class.

PE Days– Students may wear Navy Blue athletic wear for the flexibility of the physical activities. Clothing such as wind pants, sports shirts or sweatsuits must be appropriate and approved by the administration.

For further information, please consult the Handbook, which contains more specific information about dress code and other expectations of students’ appearance.

Students in pre-Kindergarten do not wear the St. Paul’s Catholic School uniform.


Occasionally we’ll have special days that we dress out of uniform.  We might dress up on concert days or days we have special guests coming.  We might enjoy a jean day a few times a year as a break in routine or sell the pass as a fundraiser.  When we have dress down, we still have expectations that the students will wear appropriate clothing, free of logos pertaining to guns, drugs, alcohol or tobacco or any other offensive article.  Clothing should cover your body and not allow us to see your undergarments.  Sleeveless shirts should still have wide enough straps to cover the shoulders and chest.  No muscle shirts or spaghetti straps.