St. Paul’s Parent Association (SPPA)
Meeting Minutes
September 12, 2016

Present: Angela Locke McAllister, Chinelo Ezenwa, Chris Copp, Larry Hanover, Lisa Higgins, Nicole Matten, Thomasina Jacobs, Charlene Letourneau and Johanna Snedeker

The meeting was called to order at 6 PM.

Old Business, Summarized Discussion:
Understanding from Open House School Meeting, SPPA fundraising goal for the year $30,000.
Understanding that each fundraiser needs to bring in $1,000 of profits.
Events for year:
July 4th BBQ – organized by Coe’s
Fair Parking – organized by Meghan Perron
Golf, September 10, 2016 – organized by the Parish Council; we will need new organizers for 2017.
Fall Lotto Calendar – in the past this was organized by Cathy Hayes…..will she lead again? Thomasina would like to help lead too.
Fish Fries- Angela has volunteered to lead with a team…..please step up to be on this team with Angela. Others interested in participating on team: Chinelo. We would like to have FF at Barton Memorial Building. Three fish fry dates proposed:
Friday – March 24, 2017
Friday – March 31, 2017
Friday – April 7, 2017
Annual Dinner – Johanna and DeeDee will lead?
Attendance at SPPA meetings count towards volunteer hours. Keep your own log.

New Business, Summarized Discussion:
Text to Johanna from Nella Coe: “A donor has offered to match SPPA fundraising of $120,000, from July to December 2017.”
Yankee Candle sales, before Christmas? Lisa will research.
Wreath/Kissing Balls/Crosses/Candy Cane balsam sales for holidays (Spates/Vance Hill)? Chris Copp will research.

Next Meeting: Monday, October 10 at 6 PM @ St. Paul’s School

Meeting Adjourned at 6:50 PM

Respectfully Submitted by Johanna Snedeker

 March 26th, 2015

Good afternoon St Paul’s parents!

This summer we are going to have a new fundraiser! We are working on planning and organizing a 5k (3.1 miles) walk/run on July 18th, right here in Barton.

I would like to have a meeting for all of you who would be interested in helping plan or organize leading up to and on the day of the race.
The meeting will be on Friday, April 10th at 6pm. If this date or time conflicts with something else, please let me know, and we can certainly chose another more convenient time or day.

Erica Butterfield

SPPA Meeting

Members in Attendance:  Nella Cargioli Coe, Danielle Conley, Jessica Poginy, Christine Schrader, Alice Drown, Kakki Stenger, Erica Butterfield, Pauline Staples, Charlene Vanesse
FEBRUARY FOLLIES – variety show and pie auction
Sunday, Feb 9th @1pm
Dress Rehearsal 2/8 @ 1pm
1)  Pies – we have 30+ pies
·      People can bring pies to the municipal building between 12-4 on Saturday 2/8 or give to Kakki
2)  Saturday help (Dress rehearsal 1-3:30)– set up for pie auction, food, etc
3) Decorations –
Jessica is in charge — table clothes & bidding sheets & pens
4)  Sunday help – please arrive at 11:30
5) Sound –
·      Nella will call the Royers/ Jessica will get Charleston School’s if needed
·      ***3 mics and 2 speakers***
6) Program – Sue is creating & printing the programs – we will make an insert of “business cards/logos” so each act can have an opportunity to advertise
7)  Food
·      Chili from Wendy’s – donated
·      Breadsticks – Nella will see if we can get some from Hoagies 
·      (Charlene will pick up the food that morning)
8)  Clean-up
Emmi, Alice
**Anyone who is willing to help clean up, please let us know ASAP!!!!**
9)  12:30 – Ticket Sales – Sue & Johanna
**Anyone who is able to help, please let us know ASAP. ***
Next SPPA Meeting:
2/21 @ 6pm
We will begin planning the Fish Fry!!!!!
SPPA Meeting
Members in Attendance:  Christine Schrader, Emily Poginy, Erica Butterfield, Sue Cloutier, Nicole Laliberty, Johanna Snedeker, Nella Cargioli Coe, Father Naples, Pauline Staples
1)  Lotto Calendar Sales – very successful – $2000
2) Variety Show – we will call it “February Follies”
1-3:30 @ the Orleans Municipal Building
* 12:00 Chili sale – Charlene has acquired a donation of Chili from Wendy’s to sell at the event.
* Pie auction 12:30 to end of admission  – winners will be announced at the end of the show
* $6 per person /$20 per family
* 17 confirmed acts
–Acts to look in to –
Sue – Native American drumming
Nella – Ballet Wolcott
Danielle will check at LR – *Dr. D- band/chorus *kids for lighting *Connie – pies for pie auction
Father Naples will do a press release to the churches
Christine will submit press releases to the local papers/moo 92 interview
Sue & Johanna will sell tickets (starting at 12:30)
Pauline & Kakki – run pie auction – day of
5 people (or more) to get 5 pies:   – – – – we need more people to find pies
Father Naples – 5 pies from parisioners
Wendy Matthews – St. Mary’s
Sue Cloutier – (4 pies)
Father Naples will get the start up money
Sue Cloutier will type up the program
Erica Butterfield – program flyer
8th graders – sell popcorn and beverages (coffee, water, sodas)
8th graders – clean up crew
Need 12 volunteers for clean up crew (great way to get those volunteer hours!!!) – Nella will head
3)  Catholic Schools Week –
4) Nights of Columbus Lunch– Sunday, 1/26 Potluck lunch in the Parish hall in Orleans
All are welcome
5)  Parish Retreat day -2/16/ or 2/23 parish committee volunteers – Father Naples is inviting members of SPPA to attend
FRIDAY JAN 31st – 6pm next SPPA meeting
SPPA Meeting
Members in Attendance:
Emily Poginy, Erica Butterfield, Kakki Stenger, Christine Schrader
1) Scentsy
Total Profit – $553.75
Orders will be in Friday 12/20.  Please contact Meghan Perron if you will need to pick up your order on Thursday.
2)  Variety Show – Save the date!!!
We will not be hosting a lunch, but we will do the pie auction and sell baked goods during intermission
3) Fish Fry – Save the dates!!!!
Hope to see you there!!
4)  $100 Dinner – Save the date!!

**Our Next meeting will be on January 10th at 6pm.  This will be a crucial meeting for all who volunteered for the variety show!!!!

Members in Attendance:  Meghan Perron, Susan Cloutier, Nella Cargioli Coe, Danielle Conley, Alice Drown, Pauline Staples, Emily Poginy, Erica Poginy, Charlene Letourneau, Michelle Olden
1)   Variety Show –
Committee – Christine Schrader (head), Sue Cloutier, Pauline Staples, Jessica Poginy
*Please let Christine know if you’d like to join the committee – more needed!
February 8th – rehearsal
February 9th show – 1:00 – 3:30 @ Orleans Municipal Building
Act ideas:
Mr. Tarbox and girls                                       Wing It
Emmi Chapdelaine                                          LR jazz band
Wendy Matthews                                           Anne Gonyaw
St. Paul’s Choir                                               Other church choirs
Fr. Naples – juggling                                       NC School of Dance
Pie Auction –
-Wendy Matthews will do the PR to get pies
-Kakki & Pauline will be in charge of the pies (collecting & displaying)
Food (to be served during intermission):
-Chili Charlene will look into getting Chili from Wenty’s
-Baked Goods
-Pop corn
-8th graders will sell drinks
**Carmen’s mom will print the fliers, programs, etc.
**Christine Schrader will be in charge of the PR
2)  Sentsy
·      Meghan shared the scents & products
·      Orders are due on November 15th
·      These products will make great Christmas gifts!!!
3) Lotto Calendar:
**Need prizes ASAP** – – should be collected by November 11th so that Jamie Rockwell can print them.  Please send to the office, clearly labeled as “SPPA Winter Lotto Calendar.”
Sale Start Date:  11/21
Tickets/$$$ due by:  12/12
Drawing starts:  1/1/14
What we have so far……
Kakki Stenger – Jay Peak Water Park tickets
Kakki Stenger- Jay Peak lift tickets (?)
Jessica Poginy – Alpaca Farm: scarf, mittens, etc
Johanna Snedeker-Jewelry
Johanna Snedeker – Golf Gift Certificate
Michelle  Olden-My Salon and Spa
Michelle Olden- Wright’s Enterprise
Michelle Olden- Cinta Bake Shop
Erica Ingalls – Salon Gift Certificate
Nella Cargioli Coe—Jasper Hill Cheese
Emily Poginy—Burke Bag
Danielle Conley – VT Beef Jerky
Kelly Potter – Rolling Pin & Cutting Board – Classic Designs (St. J)
Kelly Potter – $25 Gift Cert. from Framing Format (St. J)
Kelly Potter – $25 Gift Cert. from Framing Format (St. J)
Emmi Chapdelain – I hour massage ($60)
Karen Groff – Dynamic Defense Dojo – I month free karate lessons
Kelly Potter – Details Window and Interior Fashion $200 credit – comfortrack shade
Mehgan Perron – Sentsy gift certificate
4) St. Paul’s Mailing Appeal – sent home in 10/31 Thursday folder
Fr Naples worked with the school board to create the appeal cards
5)  Fish Fry Dates
·      We discussed how many to hold – 3 or 4??  We decided that 3 is sufficient given the amount of preparation and volunteer time each fry takes
·      Tentative Dates:
March 21
March 28
April 4
·      Volunteers – access LR community service & 8th graders in addition to St. Paul’s parents
6)  $100 dinner
 JUNE 20th (updated 11.5.13)
·      @ East Side on a Friday night
Next Meeting Date:
December 6th @ 6:30



SPPA Meeting – October 4th.

Next meeting date – Nov.1st… 6:30
Variety Show Committee Meeting  Nov. 1st. …5:30
  1. Pizza Fundraiser (Sept/Oct)-  Great Job!
  2. Scentsy Candle fundraiser coming (Oct/Nov)   Selling Nov 1- 15th orders will come into the school on Dec 12th
  3. Lotto Winter Calender Fundraiser (Dec./Jan) We will start to sell the lotto calenders the week of Thanksgiving.
Prizes donated/being aquirred so far:
§         Jessica Poginy—Alpaca Farm: scarf, mittens, etc
§         Johanna Snedeker— Jewelry and Golf Gift Certificate
§         Michelle —My Salon and Spa , Wrights Enterprise, Cinta Bake Shop
§         Erica Ingalls – Salon Gift Certificate
§         Nella Cargioli Coe—Jasper Hill Cheese
§         Emily Poginy—Burke Bag
4.   Variety Show ( Feb.)
      A committee has been formed lead by Christine Schrader if anyone would like to join – please contact her.
Variety Show Committee: Jessica Poginy, Erica Butterfied, Erica Ingalls, Pauline Poginy and Wendy Mathews.  Wendy is also helping with the organization of the Silent Pie Auction which will take place during intermission on the night of the Variety Show.
5.  Thank you to all the families who came out on Friday night and Saturday morning to : prep for paint, paint, landscape and spread wood chips on the playground!


SPPA Meeting
Members in Attendance:
Nella Cargioli Coe, Danielle Conley, Alice Drown, Chelsea Fournier, Charlene Letourneau, Pauline Staples, Michelle Olden, Kakki Stenger, Father Naples, Emily Poginy, Jessica Poginy
1) Volunteer Hours
Chelsea Fournier will be tracking all of the volunteer hours this year.  There is a clipboard in the office to keep track of volunteer hours (walking kids to soccer, baking food for events, chaperoning field trips, attending SPPA meetings, helping out in the classroom, room moms)
·      If you forgot to sign in for time you completed, you can still add it to the sign in sheet at a later date (just put the date in which you completed the hours for)
·      The list is checked by Chelsea and updated every week
·      Any family member can volunteer and can get a credit toward hours (i.e. grandparents)
·      Monetary and material donations are also being tracked to help look at the full picture of how families are contributing to St. Paul’s School
Fundraising goals:  Last year- SPPA raised $21,300.  Our goal was $19,000 so we surpassed this goal!!!!! 
****Each family is expected to give 60 hours – each family gives a little so a few people don’t have to give a lot
2) BBQ Update
$3130 (tag sale & BBQ) + $500 (matching donation from the Sacred Heart Alumni Association) = $3630
****Discussion of Fair Parking scheduling and BBQ – these events were scheduled so close – what can we do in the future to help with scheduling
3) Pizza Fundraiser
Sale Start Date: September 19th (Flyers will be in Thursday folders)
Return Orders By – October 3th
Orders Delivered – October 18th (This is a 2:40 parent pick-up day)
***We will need 4 people to help organize and distribute the pizza starting at11:30***
4) SPPA survey:
·      99% of surveys were returned
·      Jessica Poginy will be making personal phone calls to help invite people to participate in activities that they signed up for (based on the SPPA survey sent home in blue folders at the beginning of the year) .  Jessica can also be reached at 323-9057
5) Playground Equipment
·      Money from the BBQ fundraiser will be used to purchase an item for the playground – tire swing & a new coat of paint?  (Father Naples will run this by the principal and school board)
·      Saturday, October 12th (tentative date)– Painting Party at the St. Paul’s Playground!!!!!
·      We would like to put a fresh coat of paint on all of the equipment & put down a fresh layer of wood chips.  Aaron Chapdelaine will donate the wood chips.  We will need to obtain donations of paint.
·      Chelsea is also looking for a grant that will cover “private” schools to help with improving the playground
6)  Variety Show & Pie Auction
            Anyone interested in helping to produce the show, please call or e-mail Nella.
7) “Pray and Give Thanks”  – Father shared his spiritual goal for the year
·      Fundraiser run by the school board/administration – appeal to families to provide names and addresses for a mailing fundraiser (could check if they want money to go to scholarship, development, maintenance, playground, Father is looking for a “major” matching sponsor  – the first $5-7,000 will be matched)
8) St. Paul’s T-Shirts
We have a few t-shirts that have not been picked up – they were ordered at the end of last school year (mostly children’s sizes).  If you ordered and sent in payment, please contact Nella.  Also – be on the lookout for another opportunity to place an order.  Forms will be going home on Thursday.
Other –
·      Chelsea Fournier will also be sending out a monthly development newsletter
·      The SPPA e-mail list is being updated.  12 families were added to the list!!! Welcome to SPPA!!!!!
****Our Next SPPA meeting will be held on October 4th @ 6:30 pm****




SPPA Meeting 8/8/13
Members in Attendance:  Jessica Poginy, Johanna Snedeker, Christine Schrader, Joanne Beloine, Many Degre, Sue Cloutier, Meghan Perron, Nella Cagioli Coe, Danielle Conley, Emily Poginy, Kakki Stenger
·      1)  Chicken BBQ & Tag Sale – 8/25  this date was chosen because the Bishop will be here  (Rain Date – Labor Day Weekend)
·      Tag Sale beginning at 10am
·      BBQ beginning at noon
·      Dunking Booth 12-2
·      ***a portion of the money raised for this fundraiser will go to new playground equipment****
Salad making: on Saturday at 4:00 – we will use Many Degre’s house (234 Tanguay Lane – last house on left)
Need 7 people:  Nella, Danielle, Emily, Sue, Johanna……..
People to cook (people doing salad making on Saturday) :
Eggs – Carol,
                        Potatoes – Nella, Emily, Sue
                        Pasta – Johanna, Danielle
Deserts – (need 20) – Christine, Meghan
Order Food – Nella
Grilling – John Groff/Knights of Columbus
Phone Calls – Christine (starting the 19th) – to make sure the volunteer grid is full
Tent & soliciting sponsorships – Emily
Saw horses – Sue/Mike Cloutier, Mark Royer
Tables – Johanna
Tag Sale Leader – Jessica Poginy
Dunking Booth (pick up & set up) – Joanne Beloin
Dunkees – Joanne Beloin, Father Naples (??), + 6 more
Donations of items for the tag sale – no clothes, books, stuffed animals, TVs – put a price on valuable items (we’ll save anything valuable that doesn’t sell for a future silent auction)
****We are going to try using VolunteerSpot to help us organize volunteers for events.  We will provide all of the necessary information to families for maximum accessibility.
Next SPPA Meeting
9/10 @ 5pm
We had an amazing turnout for this meeting. 
We hope to see you at the next one!!!
·      20 desserts
·       32 volunteers –
Saturday (8/24) – food cookers & salad prep (7 people)
7-11:30 – Set up & tag sale (10 people)
11:30-4 – Tag sale & clean up (4 people)
11:30-2:30 – Line server for BBQ (7 people)
2:30-4:00 – BBQ clean up (4 people)
We are trying a new system for organizing our activities called “Volunteer Spot.”  We will use this website to create a “sign up” for each event.  This will serve as a master list for organizing events and for keeping track of volunteer hours.  See below for complete information.   If for some reason you are unable to access the site, please call Nella @ 673-4182 to sign up for a time slot.
·      Bring donations to the rectory garage – the door is open until 7:00 pm
·      Please put a suggested price on any valuable items (valuable items may also be tax deductible)
·      Items should be clean and in working condition – no clothes, books, stuffed animals or TVs
**New this year!!  We will also have a Dunking Booth!!!  Come for a chance to dunk the new principal and some of the teachers.


Please sign up for the BBQ & Tag Sale  –  here’s how it works in 3 easy steps:
1. Click this link to go to our invitation page on VolunteerSpot: http://vols.pt/h7L74p
 2. Enter your email address: (You will NOT need to register an account on VolunteerSpot)
3. Sign up! Choose your spots – VolunteerSpot will send you an automated confirmation and reminders. Easy!
If you are signing yourself up along with another family member, just add another spot and enter the name in the comments section.